Praise for Rebecca Tinkle

Darcy Cavell, Interior Designer and Salon Owner

Let me just start by describing Rebecca as pure and whole! Her love and energy have helped and guided me to let go of "stuff "and embrace my life again! She is so full of positive energy and has taught me how to feel that. I love her she is a forever friend! Her meditations she made for me are part of my daily prayers.. Thank you, Rebecca for sharing your free and loving spirit with me!

June Kramer, Student

Time with Rebecca helped inspire me to do two things: BE ME and LOVE ME - no matter the situation. After spending time with Rebecca, I both feel and know that I’m creative enough, strong enough, and ingenious enough to create the life I want - no matter how limiting my circumstances may seem. I love her intense focus, as well as her ability to gently remind me when I’m wanting to play it safe or make myself small. I used to feel so stressed out by all of the expectations that the world placed on me, that, from a young age, I developed a condition called Trichotillomania, which basically means that I pulled my hair as a coping mechanism for stress. For thirteen years I had the pleasure of working with many of the top scientists in the field of trichotillomania from Cambridge, Columbia, Perdue, the National and Global Foundation of Trichotillomania - I even tried undergoing a ten-thousand dollar addiction treatment used by the stars, and nothing worked. I still felt the compulsion to pull. By shifting my focus from “fixing” myself to “loving” myself (just as I was)... I discovered the true specialist was right in front of me all along… it has, and always will be: Me. It was with Rebecca (as well as practicing The Solar Body Method at CGI Holistic Wellness) that I discovered that internal power. As of writing this testimonial it has been five days since I’ve last pulled my hair and I haven’t felt the compulsion to do so (I used to pull unconsciously while sleeping, or up to five hours impulsively per day). Rebecca taught me how to “date” myself, fall in love with myself, and how to set my feet firmly into being the person that I really want to be… I’m happy and I’m staying here! (Wish me luck!)