A Life Under Construction


Whether it is too much coffee, an addiction, a little laziness, or that extra cupcake that we know we shouldn’t have… we all struggle with telling ourselves “No” when we know we should.

These coping mechanisms give us a boost, a distraction, breathing space, a little sweetness to our day.  All of these things affect the chemicals in our brain.  But can’t we just meditate and get a better effect?  Often times we don’t allow ourselves the space to properly manage our energy.  We are so focused on thinking and doing that we don’t allow ourselves time to just be.  You have to manage your time, manage your finances, manage your health, manage your workload, manage your home, manage your relationships, and find a little space in between to decompress – who has time to meditate?

So many things require our attention.  Sometimes it may seem that if you drop the ball for even a second the ripple effect creates such a mess that it is more trouble to deal with the clean-up than it is worth.

That is why it is important to set a schedule for “me” time.  If you set a schedule, eventually people will know not to bother you during that time.  By you allowing yourself to have some breathing space, you also give permission for your friends and family to develop this healthy habit, through your example.

To take time to reflect on your life and reconnect with what makes you magical is essential to the process of creating your life, and yourself intentionally.  As you practice reconnecting to your inner self, you will find that the feeling of being is your own space is so satisfying that bad habits will start to disappear one by one.  You will find a new found love for your body, a new found love for the expression of your life that you will want to do things that reinforce those positive feelings with healthy habits that make you feel good.  You will find an organic strength and conviction, making the process of letting go of those old creature comforts the natural progression of your evolution.  As the old saying goes: It is more effective to run toward something than away from it!  So find that highest vision of yourself and start moving toward that.  Take it easy and try not to be hard on yourself.

You may have developed a few unsavory habits in the past, but that was then – this is now.  Just find something healthy that you enjoy, engage your time in the new, and the old will fall away.  With good self-care, compassion, and a little time you will be headed toward a healthier, more holistic you.

How about you?  Are you still under construction?  How is it going?