Healthy Money Mind

When I was growing up, my family did not have a lot of extra money.  We had a big family, and small income.  So, we learned how to share everything.  It was difficult at the time, of course.  As a girly little girl I wanted nice new frilly things, I mean, lots of nice new frilly things.  I remember opening the Sears catalogue and circling all of the things that I dreamed of owning for myself; each page had lovingly inked circles in various colors, according to the level and importance of desire.

That lack resources did create a need inside of me, but it also created something much more beautiful and lasting: generosity.  Now that I am older, because of my early years with money training, I can easily share.  If I have one m&m and four people, I find a way to split that m&m in four different ways with an open heart.

I don’t think: “I only have one m&m, I don’t have enough to share.” 

Instead I exclaim: “Cool!  One m&m – who’s hungry?”

Level one of my money training was completed in my youth, but as an adult, it was important for me to move on from the basics into a more advanced level.  I started to investigate my beliefs more closely and realized that because I experienced the discomfort of lack, I had an uneasy relationship with money.

So what did I decide to do?

Level Two: Love Your Money

Money is energy, and people are also energy.  So if both money and people are made of the same stuff, and move in the same way then I should treat my money like a person.

If I meet someone and I am weird around them, or try to control or posses them – then of course they will not want to be around me.  However, if I value a person, and love them, and utilize them for their gifts, allowing them to fulfill their purpose easily, then they will want to be around me, because it feels good to be with me.  I decided to apply this principle to money.

Here is what I did:

Step 1: Reprogramming

To reprogram my learned information about money, I started saying a fun sing-songy little affirmation to myself all of the time.  This is one of my best kept secrets, but like all good secrets, it should be shared!  Here is how it goes:

“I love money.

I love to have it.  I love to hold it.  I love to spend it.  I love to share it.  I love to save it.

I love money.”

Step 2:  Gratitude – Out

To allow myself to circulate money easily, I started celebrating every time that I used it.  Whenever I made a purchase I would literally tell the cashier:  “This is the best $1.95 that I have ever spent.”

Step 3: Gratitude – In

The most difficult one for me to learn was how to allow others to help me.  When those lovely souls around me offered to take care of me in some way, whether it be a dinner, a gift, or a leg up when I needed it, I had to learn how to be open to accept.  This one was the most difficult to overcome, but the most beautiful unfolding of growth happened in my heart when I learned how to receive.

Step 4: Catch Yourself

Whenever you start to fret about money, stop immediately!  Don’t allow your mind to enter that loop.  Just tell your brain to simmer down, and reassure it that it will work out.  When you are worried, sit down and make a plan, then start taking action.  That way you can train your mind to focus on the solution instead of the problem.  In time, this will become one of your most treasure habits.

So, just love your money and use it well.  Treat it like a friend – and you will have a new friend!

How about you?  Any awakenings about money?  Care to share any tips or advice?  Please do tell!