Rebecca helps clients are from all walks of life, all textures of character and spirit, and all spiritual practices and religious backgrounds, fall in love with themselves - again, and again, and again… which leads to an inevitable explosion of personal and professional success. Her clients include Authors, Actors, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Technology Geeks, Stay at Home Mothers, Students, as well as the Unemployed.

June Kramer, Student

Time with Rebecca helped inspire me to do two things: BE ME and LOVE ME - no matter the situation. After spending time with Rebecca, I both feel and know that I’m creative enough, strong enough, and ingenious enough to create the life I want - no matter how limiting my circumstances may seem. I love her intense focus, as well as her ability to gently remind me when I’m wanting to play it safe or make myself small. I used to feel so stressed out by all of the expectations that the world placed on me, that, from a young age, I developed a condition called Trichotillomania, which basically means that I pulled my hair as a coping mechanism for stress. For thirteen years I had the pleasure of working with many of the top scientists in the field of trichotillomania from Cambridge, Columbia, Perdue, the National and Global Foundation of Trichotillomania - I even tried undergoing a ten-thousand dollar addiction treatment used by the stars, and nothing worked. I still felt the compulsion to pull. By shifting my focus from “fixing” myself to “loving” myself (just as I was)... I discovered the true specialist was right in front of me all along… it has, and always will be: Me. It was with Rebecca (as well as practicing The Solar Body Method at CGI Holistic Wellness) that I discovered that internal power. As of writing this testimonial it has been five days since I’ve last pulled my hair and I haven’t felt the compulsion to do so (I used to pull unconsciously while sleeping, or up to five hours impulsively per day). Rebecca taught me how to “date” myself, fall in love with myself, and how to set my feet firmly into being the person that I really want to be… I’m happy and I’m staying here! (Wish me luck!)

Joanne Dickson, Accountant

I felt so much love and affection from Rebecca that spending time with her reminded me of when I was a little girl and I got to spend time with my best friend. She is so warm and genuine, full of love and passion. She inspired me to step out of my comfort zone to discover both my strength and talent. Still working toward that - thanks to her!

Charles Garrett, Network Security Analyst

Rebecca has been instrumental in my journey as a spiritual warrior.  She has helped me work through (and let go of) deeply rooted preconceptions and simply focus on the story that I want to create for my life.  From our work together I’ve gained the courage to create a life that is One Grand Adventure!

Cyndi Toschik, Homeopathic Doctor

What does it feel like to have a Private Session with Rebecca? It feels powerful… because when you are going for an intuitive session - you really want to be listened to, you really want to be heard, and you’re expecting to get to that deeper level both for yourself and with what you’re hearing in that session. And that is absolutely what happens when you spend time talking with Rebecca. You can feel the depth and the deepness in which she can go for you. She uses her intuition to tap into your innate response to things, giving you guidance on the areas that you may need to work on, the places where you can positively change, as well as let you know when if there is going to be a specific event that you’ll need to create space and time in your life to work through to truly get the benefit of love.

Michela Mangiaracina, Writer and Editor

Spending time with Rebecca is like being wrapped in a warm, pink bubble of cotton candy. Her inner sparkle, love, and acceptance automatically bring out your own. At the same time, she is highly intuitive and generous with her insights. Her ability to listen, even to my crazy stories, matches her deep sense of presence, even amid fun and laughter. Rebecca has helped me become more confident and accepting of myself. I'm grateful to her for helping me bring out from inside what I've needed to express, but couldn't see the value of.

Darcy Cavell, Interior Designer and Salon Owner

Let me just start by describing Rebecca as pure and whole! Her love and energy have helped and guided me to let go of "stuff "and embrace my life again! She is so full of positive energy and has taught me how to feel that. I love her she is a forever friend! Her meditations she made for me are part of my daily prayers.. Thank you, Rebecca for sharing your free and loving spirit with me!

Anna Bolt, Professional UK Actress and Children’s Book Autho

Rebecca’s energy permeates one’s life like a stream of flowing sunlight, navigating its way around each bend into every hidden corner.

Allison Blake, Youth Counselor

Rebecca is one of the most intuitive souls I’ve ever had the privilege to come across. When I first met her, it completely caught me by surprise. It genuinely felt as though she could see right through my eyes and into my heart. Throughout most of my life, I’ve worked hard to be what I thought was “right” or “good.” I allowed my intellect to govern my behavior almost entirely. Meeting Rebecca, however, was not something that my intellect could quantify. Her words and her book, The Secret of Mago Castle, provoked a sense within me that had been long forgotten. I felt more myself than ever before. My life has changed in profound ways and I am truly forever grateful.

Mane Andresyan, High School Teacher

Rebecca has a light that shines like no other.  Her deep eyes, passionate heart, graceful spirit, and unconditional love are just some of the things that I feel each time I’m with her.  She’s helping me see with new eyes and understand that I am responsible for my own magic.  Her powers are in her wisdom and ability to help each person sincerely discover who they are and how they want to create their reality.  I always feel her love and energy, regardless if I’m with her or not.  She has supported me in my journey to feel my purpose and trust my value.  This is the greatest gift.

Randy Dickson, Marketing & Sales

Meeting Rebecca was one of those beautiful synchronistic events that opens your heart and helps you see things on a much deeper more profound level. After our meeting and sharing, I was able to accept many habits very easily that I had been struggling with and see with amazing clarity the path that had been laid out before me. She has a beautiful, warm, sunny energy that really touched me deeply and I will be forever grateful for our chance meeting… which I’m sure was meant to happen.