TEDx Youth Glendale, AZ

In her upcoming TEDx Talk, Rebecca Tinkle, an enchanting writer and speaker draws the parallels between being the underdog and achieving true greatness. She shares tips on how to turn a life that “doesn’t look good on paper” into a rich and satisfying story of triumph that will not only inspire you but those around you as well. Humorously using her own experiences with “not being good at anything” to demonstrate how a lack of education, skills, and talents unlocked the two keys to ultimate success… tenacity and authenticity.

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Book Talk and Lecture at the Tattered Cover in Denver, CO

Author of The Secret of Mago Castle, Rebecca Tinkle, hosts an intimate discussion on how having her life completely turned upside down during a spiritual crisis uncovered an innate ability and talent for creative writing and how being in the right place at the right time turned everything right-side-up again and transformed her dream of becoming a published author into a reality in this touching lecture in her hometown bookstore.

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Webinars at ChangeYourEnergy.com

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  • The Secret of Mago Castle (The Story Behind the Story)

    ChangeYourEnergy.com hosts author Rebecca Tinkle in a special discussion where she shares the "story behind the story" and the incredible journey that led her to write The Secret of Mago Castle novel. In the webinar she’ll discuss the details and deeper meaning of the characters, plot points and themes found in the book. Then she'll lead a guided meditation to help you open your connection with the energy of the Earth.

  • ChangeYourEnergy.com Webinar :: How to Nurture the Hero Within

    In this webinar, Rebecca discusses the innate skills and talents you may already possess that correlate with the modern-day heroes found in her adventure novel The Secret of Mago Castle. "We see clues as to our hero type each day, but since they come so naturally to us, they may be overlooked amidst the buzz of keeping up with our day-to-day tasks. The good news is, once you know what they are… you can strengthen them and live to your highest potential," says Tinkle.

    Rebecca will also share the details and deeper meaning of the characters, plot points and themes found in the book. Then she'll lead a guided meditation to help you open your connection with the essence of the hero within you. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session where Rebecca answers questions about the situational struggles in life, overcoming self imposed obstacles, and the details of the story behind the making of the book.

  • ChangeYourEnergy.com Webinar :: What’s Your Superpower?

    In this webinar, Rebecca Tinkle will help you identify what superpowers you might possess and how to cultivate them. "Superpowers are the building blocks upon which every great hero is born," she says. This webinar discussion will shine a new light on the skills and talents you already possess, helping you to confidently and easily affect the world around you, every day.

    Using the modern day Hero Archetypes found in The Secret of Mago Castle, she'll help you identify which classification of hero you naturally fall into, as well as the energetic superpowers and "kryptonite" associated with each hero type. Rebecca will also share tips on how to let go of the doubt that prevents you from stepping into the limelight and boldly declaring yourself as a champion of this world. “We all are heroes, but many of us shrink into ourselves because we’re afraid of what others will think if we confidently state that we were BORN to change the world. It’s time for us to let go of that fear and celebrate our potential instead of squander it.”

  • ChangeYourEnergy.com Webinar :: The Solar Body Natural Living Method and Mindset

    In this Online Class, Rebecca will lead a guided meditation to open our bodies, hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities for health and healing, for ourselves and the planet. She'll also introduce ways that you can share the free Solar Body book, with your loved ones. Special guest speakers will take the stage to share the many aspects and benefits of the Solar Body Method.

    Banya Lim, Tao Master, Spiritual Guide, and managing director of Sedona Healing Arts will share how you can use the methods in the book to clear your "energy" and deepen your spiritual connection. Actor Mido Hamada (American Sniper and popular television series "24") will share how you can use the method to tap into your creative genius and the deepest part of your humanity, and Pro-Golfer, Ron Pepping will share how he uses the Solar Body Method to slip effortlessly into "the zone" for his greatest focus and performance.